These are some of the kayaks I have made and other kayaks which I can make by lofting from offset tables.
They vary from 14 foot recreational kayaks to 18 foot touring and sea kayaks.
This table, along with the pictures and general descriptions below it, will give you information to compare models.
For more detailed information follow the links to the designers web sites.

Kayak ModelLengthWater Line
Beam Water
Line Beam
Hull DraftSinkage
Wetted Area
(sq ft)
Venture 14' 13' 2"22"20.5"2003.5"7416.70.58
Resolute 16' 6"15" 8"25.5"24"2603.5"10222.20.60
Endeavour 17 '16' 2"23.5"22"2804"9721.80.56
Guillemot17'14.7'21.0"20.7"214 3.7"8019.50.53
Georgian Bay 16' 6" 15" 8"24"23"2504"9821.50.58

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