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My name is Rick Patterson and I build customized wood strip kayaks. For me, creating wooded kayaks has become an engaging and fulfilling pastime over the last few years. I find a beauty in wood which just waits to be released by the craftsman. The creation of a wooden kayak, where beauty and performance go hand in hand, is just such a release. The finished kayak, where the smooth arc of the deck draws the hand as well as the eye, looks like it should be in a show room not out on the water. But I build and sell them to be paddled so it is important to know that the beauty and elegance of these kayaks do not require a tradeoff in the quality of the on-the-water experience.

It is not just the beauty of the finished kayak that I take pleasure in but the building process itself has its own rewards. The smell of the cedar wood as it is being sawn, planed and sanded. Observing the flat wooded cedar strips as they are bend and twisted around the stations on the strong back to form the kayak. Anticipating the colour in the cedar strips as they blossom like a flower in the "wetting out" process.

Hand Crafted Kayaks

My kayaks are hand crafted using white cedar grown and milled here in New Brunswick. Cedar is lightweight, resilient, and bends easily. With cedar there will be some random differences in the wood coloration but this only enhances the final product. For trim and some other features I use other woods such as red cedar, cherry and ash.
I mill all my own wood from rough cut one inch cedar boards which I rip into 1/4 inch strips. These narrow strips of wood are then carefully fitted together by hand. The wood is then contoured to a smooth, fair surface and covered with a layer of fiberglass saturated with epoxy resin. This composite construction provides a stiff, waterproof, rugged shell that lets the beauty of the wood glow through.
My kayaks are not part of a production line but are built one at a time. I normally spend up to 250 hours to create a unique piece of quality wood working in my workshop, here in New Maryland, NB.

I'm a Builder Not a Designer

I do not design kayaks myself. I work with wood not "hydrostatics, volumetric and waterplane properties" or "form coefficients as an understanding of the hull as a physical body interacting with a fluid." I will leave all that to the experts though I have definitions for some of these terms on this web site for those with a cursory interest. There are many experts around North America who have years of both theoretical and practical experience designing quality high performance kayaks. Using a table of offsets which they have created I can loft and then build what they design but I will leave the "creation of the design" to them.

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